PROTEX are Island based at Paralimni, we are your local property renovation specialists which is why over the years we have become the Number 1 company you choose to protect and care for your property, we are more than happy to supply you with local examples and letters of testament from all around the Island.
Cyprus is particularly hard on property surfaces, many homes show the ravaging effects of constant heating and cooling, causing surfaces to blister, crack and spall. PROTEX protects your property like no other system, check out our products, services and examples for full details.


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Date: 15/06/87
was introduced to the Channel Islands in 1987 and is still very much in demand today. It was because of this success that PROTEX was introduced to the Isle of Man in 1994, where we are still enjoying continued growth and customer satisfaction.
Because of the obvious suitability of PROTEX to island weather conditions PROTEX was later tried and tested in Spain, Portugal, Tenerife, Ghana and Sardinia, with excellent results.
Date: 31/12/06
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 Unlike paints, PROTEX will not chip, flake, crack or peel. It is 20 times thicker than paint. PROTEX coatings are hard and chemicaly inert and prevents fading and discolouration. Perfect for harsh climates.


 PROTEX coatings come in 10 different colours, covers surface imperfections and can be applied in any climatic conditions, hot or cold. Applied by our own in house technicians, PROTEX is the perfect choice.

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